Sunday, May 10, 1998

Washington's Christ Church talk on Mothers' Day a.d. 1998

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The Mothers Day talk at Christ Church on George Washington and his beloved mother Mary Ball Washington was given on 10 May in the Year of Our Lord 1998.

One of the best images of George Washington and Mary Ball Washington is in the book on Washington by Woodrow Wilson where the line drawing shows the recently victorious General Washington after the Surrender of the British to Lincoln at Yorktown, escorting his mother into the Victory Ball in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

And it is in Fredericksburg where President Eisenhower dedicated a Washington Monument to Mary Ball Washington at the Prayer Rocks a few blocks from the home purchased for her by her son George.

Current White House Press Secretary Tony Snow showed a Newsreel of that Eisenhower event on his Sunday morning program on Fox News back in 1998 or so.

And few know that President Eisenhower was an artist of considerable talent. At the home of Mrs. Mary Anne Washington Shaffner in the Hollin Hall area of Mount Vernon District, is a pastel drawing of George Washington done by artist Dwight Eisenhower.

There is some consideration that George Washington, as the third son of Augustine Washington was named for neither grandfather Lawrence, or father Augustine, since his two older half-brothers carried those names, but rather for George Eskridge, essentially the "foster father" or guardian of Mary Ball Washington.

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